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click here. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and internationally will not be accepted. ARE SHIPPING OPTIONS AVAILABLE? WHAT DO I DO IF MY SHIPMENT ARRIVES CRUSHED OR DAMAGED? If we are out of a particular size item, we may ship a larger size at no additional charge. Yucca rostrata, the Blue Beaked, Big Bend Yucca, Old Man Yucca, is truly the most spectacular of the desert Yuccas for the garden, and certainly one of the most hardy of the trunk-forming species. and a stunning sphere of narrow, smooth, spine-tipped, blue-green leaves. WILL MY PLANT SURVIVE IF IT ARRIVES WITH BROWN OR DAMAGED LEAVES? Our new landscape plugs come in 3 sizes, 5" deep x 2.5" round, 7" deep x 2" round and 9" deep x 2.5" round and are designated with a -5, -7 or -9 respectively. Understand at that point your plants have been pulled from various greenhouses, tagged, cleaned, bagged, watered, wrapped, bagged again, packaged with p-nuts, paperwork, box, tape and state permits. In the xeriscape Yucca grow happily in a pot or when planted directly in the ground. WHAT PLANTS ARE SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS? With our state of the art packaging we can ensure that your new plant arrives in style. You pay nothing more. If you would like more information on what works best in Florida gardens, Edgewater Yard Shop would be happy to help. Customers also viewed these products. We make absolutely no claims as to plant safety, of any plant whatsoever. If you plant this Yucca in a brightly lit area you may experience leaf burn. WILL ALL OF MY PACKAGES BE SHIPPED BY UPS? The delivery time can vary depending on the work load, seasonal holidays and your location. Our new, reusable, recyclable deep pots are 8 inches deep and 3x3 inches in diameter and 9 inches deep and 4x4 inches in diameter. Yucca rostrata is an excellent choice for a low water drought tolerant landscape or container. They are best sited away from pathways. It varies. US $89.95, Special Price: A remarkably beautiful Yucca that forms a large, spherical crown of blue-grayish green, narrow leaves, supported by a moderately tall, solitary trunk, clothed at least in its upper part in a dense skirt of dead leaves. Zone.6a Zone.6b Zone.7a Zone.7b Zone.8a Zone.8b Zone.9a Zone.9b Zone.10a Zone.10b Zone.11a Zone.11b, Copyright 2021 © Botanical Growers Network / Hampton Fl. This helps to ensure the survival of your new plant. We not only trust UPS® with our plants. No. Yucca Rostrata Live Plant Barerrot 30 Inches . Yucca rostrata (Big Bend Yucca) - A slow-growing tree-like yucca with upright stems and beautiful gray-blue narrow foliage. Orders placed from these areas will be refunded and cancelled. Reasonably fast growing in ideal conditions (in the ground) up to 100mm each year, much slower in pots- larger older specimens can fetch a […] On occasion some orders may be delayed if the weather conditions in your area warrant that the shipment be held. We do NOT ship to AK, HI, PR or internationally. They add a wonderful accent to any outdoor space, garden or patio. Best planted in a sunny aspect in well drained soil. Blue Beaked Yucca Rostrata 3ft Tall Seed Grown Specimen GREAT BLUE COLOR! A few leaves are often trimmed prior to shipping to reduce transpiration and travel stress. US $79.95. We will be closing our online stores from September 20 2020 through April 15 2021.Over the winter months we will be doing a lot of destruction and new construction to make way for nearly 1000 exciting new plant introductions, along with a stunning array of related hard goods and growing media types. RARE BEAKED YUCCA exotic yuca rostrata Big Bend ag . 4 watching. Please check the pot size located in the plant description and refer to the (best packaging) link at the bottom of the page to get a better idea of what you will receive or contact us prior to purchase. Our team members are always in the field maintaining the foliage. Oct 13, 2016 - Palma China, Izote. The inflorescence is a large panicle 100 cm tall, with white flowers. I happily gave you a new yucca. Note: The shipping, flat rate charges include the cost of handling, trimming, prepping, watering, bagging, boxing, packaging, etc. In these regions you are accepting full responsibility for the shipment, the mortality of the plants ordered and understand the risks involved due to distance and temperatures. The plant for sale is one cutting similar to the one pictured will be ship bare - rooted (no pot and soil). UPS ® has proven themselves in the industry and have become the carrier of choice for our family of growers. US $449.95, Special Price: (Note: The item sku number can be found just below the buy button.) Perhaps the prettiest of all feature plants, highly desired for its powdery blue architectural foliage and general toughness. Once shipped all sales are final, tracking info. The powdery blue thin leaves radiate from the center to form a perfectly round orb, almost like a freeze frame of a firework exploding If in question, please do your homework prior to ordering. $65.00. We hope you are as excited as we are about getting a fresh start in 2021. Now I see it occasionally in independent nurseries. Yucca rostrata is just as unique as its name. Orders placed from the western regions in the US can have an extended delivery time up to 9 days, we strongly recommend orders be placed in early spring or late fall to avoid hot summer temps. (Note: The item sku number can be found just below the buy button.) Lg. You may want to order your Blue Beaked Yucca (yucca rostrata) online now while they are in stock, supplies are limited. Online Orchards 1 Gal. The color and style of these pots may vary. These are stunning specimen plants and a real favourite of ours, this size Yucca rostrata is an architectural beauty and at least 30 years old. All Blue Beaked Yucca for sale will vary in size. click here. Email is the most efficient way to answer questions and concerns. The plants form a dramatic, shimmering rosette … $89.99. Will grow in full sun to partial shade . HOW ARE PLANTS PACKAGED FOR SHIPMENT? Then your plants are tissue or kraft paper wrapped and secured in place with natural biodegradable peanuts, you will be pleased. Plants designated with a sku ending in -4, -6 or -8 will arrive in a standard 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch round growers pot respectively. PHOTOS ARE FOR EDITORIAL PURPOSES ONLY TO PROVIDE A LIKENESS OF THE PLANTS OFFERED. Yucca rostrata Sapphire Skies aka Sapphire Skies Blue Beaked Yucca. Leaves are thin, stiff, up to 60 cm long but rarely more than 15 mm wide, tapering to a sharp point at the tip. Before leaving, Yucca are inspected, watered, and pruned. Before leaving our growers all plants are inspected, watered and pruned if necessary. Yucca rostrata 'Sapphire Skies' SKU. On offer large yucca rostrata or beaked yucca in a black pot very hardy. In the spring, plants are often smaller than plants shipped in the fall. In cooler zones a containerized Yucca can be relocated indoors for the winter months. For more information, click the “best packaging” link at the bottom of this page. Yucca baccata (Banana yucca, Datil yucca) Yucca baccata (Banana yucca, Datil yucca) Sunset: all zones; USDA: 5-12. this auction is for the one in photo you won’t find a blue/grey one as good as this one around here.. Additionally we will be opening several new rare specialty sites featuring plants you may have never see before. Popular, Rare and Exotic, Tropical, Cold Hardy, Palmate (Feather Leaves), Beaked Yucca, Big Bend Yucca, Beaked Blue Yucca, Super Blue Yucca, Zone 5a (-20 to -15 F), Zone 5b (-15 to -10 F), Zone 6a (-10 to -5 F), Zone 6b (-5 to 0 F), Zone 7a (0 to 5 F), Zone 7b (5 to 10 F), Zone 8a (10 to 15 F), Zone 8b (15 to 20 F), Zone 9a (20 to 25 F), Zone 9b (25 to 30 F), Zone 10a (30 to 35 F), Zone 10b (35 to 40 F), Zone 11 (above 40 F). $76.75 shipping. We do not guarantee plants due to extreme temperatures during shipping. Golden Barrel Cactus (echinocactus grusonii), Monstrose Apple Cactus (cereus peruvianus), Massive Queen of the Andes (puya raimondii), Sapphire Tower Super Teal Plant (puya alpestris), Big Yellow Fruited Wax Rose Cactus (pereskia bleo), Fruiting Pink Rose Cactus (pereskia grandifolia), Giant Snake Skin Plant (monadenium ritchei), Giant Gold Dragon Apple Cactus (harrisia nashii), Wild Yellow Dragon Apple Cactus (harrisia eriophora), Fragrant Red Dragon Apple Cactus (harrisia fragrans), Night Queen Columnar Red Dragon Apple Cactus (harrisia jusbertii), Giant Red Dragon Apple Cactus (harrisia bonplandii), Columnare Bishops Cap Cactus (astrophytum columnare), Lg. Thorn Jade Cactus (quiabentia pflanzii verticillata), Order soon, this is your last chance to order all your favorite plants before our 2020 season comes to an end. The garden-worthy Beaked Yucca is cold tolerant to -20 degrees F and will tolerate freezing temperatures for lengths of up to 100 days. If your shipment arrives and the box is severely crushed or damaged, you can either refuse the shipment or place a "Claim" directly with UPS Ground for loss or damage at During the winter months when we are no longer shipping plants, our growers spend their time researching new species and new growing techniques to provide you with the most unique and superior species of plants available anywhere. At the nursery these Yucca are grown under 20-40% shade cloth. Slow-growing, stiff short needled selection has handsome blue leaves. Zone 8-10 . Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Yucca Rostrata, also known as the Blue Beaked Yucca is a large variety of Yucca that grows long, blue leaves that jut out to form a ball shape, perched on top of a fairly large trunk. Blue Yucca (Yucca Rostrata) Drought tolerant plants can be beautiful, just look at the evergreen Yucca Rostrata. I also lose this plant actually is more expensive than $65 or $85, they roughly run around $150 just the yucca to $250. Shipping information can only be changed if you email our customer service immediately after your order has been submitted. Unfertilized they will tend to grow at a slower pace. Beaked yucca is a visually stunning explosion of blue on a trunk that can and add height to mixed arid plantings. Perhaps the most handsome yucca, Yucca rostrata (Beaked Yucca) is a very ornamental, slow-growing, evergreen tree-like yucca forming a perfectly symmetrical pom-pom, full of hundreds of 2 ft. long (60 cm), sharp-tipped, pale bluish-green leaves. jeep Jeepster Commando 1968 (Yucca Valley California) $17,500. or Best Offer. Over the years it will form an upright, unbranched tree to about 5 ft. Thrives in … SHIPPING & HANDLING RATES AND INFO. CAN ORDERS BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE US? However, in doing this you must realize that if you have ordered an item that is in short supply or high demand, we can not guarantee a replacement. Drought tolerant. Flower Color is White/Cream and blooms in Summer. BEAKED YUCCA, yuca rostrata Big Bend agave garden aloe tree like seed 50 SEEDS $10.99. DO YOU SHIP PLANTS ANY TIME OF THE YEAR? In these regions you are accepting full responsibility for the shipment and understand the risks involved due to distance and temperatures. OnlinePlantCenter 10 in. 32044. Western shipments are not guaranteed in the months of July-August. 2224. But I did also sent you a new replacement without you paying any delivery or being charge for a new plant. Orders placed from these areas will be refunded and cancelled. Flower Color is White/Cream and blooms in Summer. If we are out of a particular size item, we may ship a larger size at no additional charge. This shimmering rosette is mounted atop a tree trunk, which is covered with the soft gray fibers of the old leaves, creating a silver haze. How to Grow a Beaked Blue Yucca. Double click on above image to view full picture, Regular Price: Certain plant varieties do not like to be shipped and can loose some or all of their leaves during transit, this is common and the plant is not dead, it is simply in shock and should bud within 30 days or so. We process orders very quickly, and once an order begins the fulfillment process we're unable to modify it. UPS Ground Shipping to Western Regions: Jeepster Commando Rear Ends (GLENDALE) $250. HOW LARGE ARE THE POTS THE PLANTS COME IN? container $25.00 15 gal. All plants for sale will vary in size. Blue Beaked Yucca enjoy a well drained, organic cactus mix easily found at your local box store. All Blue Beaked Yucca for sale will vary in size. A slow grower, the Beaked Yucca will grow an estimated 4 inches a year. container $100.00 You can select your exact size on the drop down menu, labeled Palm Tree Size. Products growing in these pots are easy to transplant and allow for deeper, faster growth and are designated with a -t3 or -t4 respectively. Note: shipping delays may occur if we experience a heavier volume of orders. When your plants arrive you will need to water them if necessary. Yucca rostrata is a blue leaved species of the yucca family and one of the most cold tolerant. Yucca rostrata Oregon Blue - 'Beaked Yucca' COLD HARDY zone 5! You can see the various pot sizes and actual plants ready to ship. Back to top: ... 1968 Jeepster Commando (Kaiser) Jeep $15,500. Beaked yuccas prefer a soil pH between 6.1 and 8.5. Yucca rostrata has a trunk up to 4.5 meters tall, with a crown of leaves at the top. We do NOT ship to AK, HI, PR or internationally. A flower spike of white bells is produced some years in late summer. Be the first to review this product. Yucca baccata more pictures. It depends on the extent of the damage. In the spring, plants are often smaller than plants shipped in the fall. Full sun to light shade.Stemless rosette, up to 4' tall, 4' in diameter. UPS Ground Shipping to Eastern Regions: Due to their magnificent, bright foliage, blue beaked yucca work well as ornamental plants … Rare beaked yucca exotic yuca rostrata big bend. Plants designated with a sku ending in -4, -6 or -8 will arrive in a standard 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch round growers pot respectively. To help establish your new Blue Beaked Yucca, fertilize sparingly a few inches away from the base, tri-annually with a slow time released product. The flexible, narrow blue leaves are up to 2 feet long by ½ inch wide, and end in a terminal spine. Next. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we hope that in the majority of cases our faster processing times work to your advantage. Capable of growing a stout trunk up to 14 feet tall with a striking blue-green hued, dense crown of narrow, 2 foot long, sharp tipped leaves.

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